UWP: PM insults Saint Lucians

UWP: PM insults Saint Lucians

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Monday, December 21, 2015 – It is a great pity that rather than re-assure Saint Lucians about the integrity of his Government’s Citizenship by Investment Programme and the credibility of the appointment of Dr. Walid Juffali, that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony felt compelled to resort to the timeworn, stale tactic of personal attacks.

Playing the man and not the ball no longer impresses even the most die-hard supporters, as Saint Lucians expect a higher standard of governance and leadership from those they elect to high office.

As we move into 2016, we hope that the Christmas Season will offer the Prime Minister some respite and that he will return in the New Year refreshed and ready to speak to the many issues that confront Saint Lucians.

In the spirit of the Season, we look forward to a national discussion on these issues that respects Saint Lucians’ intelligence and concerns.

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