Castries Lions and Leos do community service

Castries Lions and Leos do community service

On Friday December 18, 2015 the Castries Lions joined in the Digicel Make a Wish Christmas promotion at the Christmas treat held for the Boys of the Boys Training Center at Serenity Park. The club presented each boy with a Milton Lloyd Fragrance gift package which was well appreciated. We were delighted to be a part of this celebration to bring Christmas cheer to the boys at the Center.


On Saturday December 19, 2015 the members of the Lions Club of Castries joined with the Castries Leos at their Annual Christmas lunch for the homeless. The lunch was sponsored by Super J Supermarkets, The Lions Club of Castries and the Leo Club of Castries. As is customary the members of the First National Bank Sports Club joined in providing the desert while snacks were provided by Frank B. Armstrong.

This year’s collaborative effort saw the members of the Bexon Roman Catholic Confirmation class participating in the lunch when they assisted in serving the less fortunate. This was undertaken as part of their Corporal works of Mercies. Over 200 homeless persons were served with a hot meal and dessert.

On Sunday December 20, 2015 the lions continued their monthly feeding at the Mother

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