Cas en Bas woman arrested for gun offence

Cas en Bas woman arrested for gun offence

A Cas en Bas woman, identified as Julita Mc Farlene, was arrested this morning for possession of an illegal gun and ammunition.

Mc Farlene was arrested and charged after a search of a home by the Police acting on information, led to the discovery of a 9mm handgun and two rounds of live ammunition.

The search was conducted at the Cas en Bas home at about 2:AM this morning.

She was granted bail by a Magistrate and the matter was adjourned for January of next year.

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  1. Season
    December 25, 2015 at 1:08 am Reply

    With the rise in crime especially rape cases I think all women need one. The lady was probably taking precaution for her own protection. Our Judicial system has failed in protecting us women. Not one rape case solved up to now not one person arrested however you’ll quick to respond to an illegal firearm? Not to mention disclosing the individual ‘s name. Why don’t you’ll expose pictures and identities of rapist and child molesters instead SMH

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