Crisis Pregnancy Centre to open soon

Crisis Pregnancy Centre to open soon

Saint Lucia’s first ever Crisis Pregnancy Centre is set to open its doors in February of next year, one month later than originally scheduled, it has been announced.

Work on the building to house the centre is ongoing.

The organization behind the initiative is  the Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM), which was founded by former Saint Lucia Government Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.

Plans for the opening of the centre are coming some twelve years after Flood-Beaubrun left the then Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government in a spat over the legalization of abortion.

“The Centre will offer help to women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies and who are hurting from past abortion experiences or from pregnancy loss due to miscarriage or still birth,” CARIFAM’s website has said.

Representatives of the he pro-life organization, Heartbeat International and OptionLine are expected here in January, 2016.

They are to provide training to at least thirty volunteers who will then be in a position to assist females making use of the Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

CARIFAM has said that the centre, in addition to training volunteers, will provide equipment and baby supplies, free counselling and pregnancy testing, free ultrasound services, 24 hour telephone counselling and temporary housing.

According to the organization, if given accurate information and provided with adequate care and support,  women will generally choose the best and healthiest outcome for themselves and their babies.

“Unfortunately, crisis pregnancy advice and support services are not available in Saint Lucia.  This means that many, many women have abortions who would have chosen differently if they had had adequate information, care and support,” CARIFAM observes.


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