Pavee resident recounts mugging

Pavee resident recounts mugging

Pavee resident, Emmanuel Jn Pierre, is calling for a Police presence near the Soufriere bus stand after being mugged by two young criminals yesterday.

The young bandits made off with Jn Pierre’s wallet.

However the  robbery victim from Pavee told the Times he never keeps money in his wallet, only documents.

He told the Times that as he left his usual liming spot at about 1:30 PM yesterday, he heard footsteps behind him and felt someone’s hand around his neck.

Jn Pierre told the Times that believing it was a friend fooling around, he relaxed.

However he recalled that when the assailant put him in a choke hold he realized that it was a robbery in progress.

According to him, his assailant had a young accomplice who rummaged through his pockets and took his wallet.

Jn Pierre said he managed to break the choke hold by struggling with his assailant and dropping to his knees.

He disclosed that he eventually managed to escape from his attackers.

Jn Pierre revealed that he is the umpteenth victim of the same group of young criminals who lurk around the area of the Soufriere bus stand and prey on unsuspecting passers by, including tourists.

His assertion was corroborated by other persons in the area who told the Times that the criminals have snatched chains and taken money and other items of value from locals and visitors on almost a daily basis.


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