Pope refuses to wear bullet proof vest

Pope refuses to wear bullet proof vest

POPE Francis is ignoring pleas from Italian police by refusing to wear a bullet proof vest despite chilling threats issued by Islamic State (ISIS) about a planned invasion of Rome.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the Pope’s spokesman said the pontiff was aware of threats made by ISIS against him but was “not afraid” of the sick Daesh fighters.

He said Pope Francis is also refusing to have alterations made to his Popemobile to protect himself during this year’s Christmas Day message.

The Pope has been advised by police to beef up security in the wake of fresh threats but has refused to change his famously relaxed style of leadership in response to the jihadi group.

It comes as the fanatical Islamist organisation has released a string of propaganda videos threatening to launch Paris-style attacks on the Italian capital.

 Pope Francis is considered a specific target as head of the Catholic church.

His recent recent condemnation of the atrocities in the French capital are also likely to mark him as someone at high-risk of attack.

(SOURCE: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/626705/Pope-Francis-Christmas-terror-threat-Vatican-pontiff-wont-wear-bulletproof-vest)

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