New Commonwealth S.G under fire

New Commonwealth S.G under fire

ROSEAU, Dominica — On December 21, 2015, Lennox Linton, leader of the opposition in Dominica, wrote to British Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal, the Commonwealth secretary general-elect, regarding her controversial admonition to Dominicans to “suck salt”.

Linton referred specifically to Scotland’s a visit to Dominica on December 14 (at the invitation of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit) to celebrate her election to the post of Commonwealth secretary general, when she made the following statement:

“… And for our Prime Minister, ou sav toute moune vlay baie maypwee… Mweh ka di yo: Sousay Sel.”

According to Linton, the mixed English/Creole statement translates into straight English as follows:

“And for our Prime Minister, you know everybody wants to be critical of him. I am telling them: Suck Salt.”

Describing the remark as a completely unprovoked insult, Linton asserted in his letter that Scotland cursed the people of Dominica and elsewhere in the Commonwealth who are critical of Dominica’s prime minister to “suck salt”.


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