Tough new road safety measures coming

Tough new road safety measures coming

Saint Lucia’s Chief Transport Officer, Lenita Joseph, has sounded a warning that tough new measures will have to be put in place to deal with the situation of rampant road collisions.

“I don’t thing we are taking road safety seriously at all and it means unfortunately that very strict measures will have to be put in place,” Joseph told the Times.

She revealed that a sub-committee on road safety has been put in place and will soon be implementing some actions.

“The number of collisions that we have been seeing have been a bit worrisome, not just for the transport department but especially for the Traffic Officers who have brought it to our attention that even in the Bexon where some traffic regulating devices were erected, persons are still not being cautious,” the Chief Transport Officer lamented.

According to Joseph, much has to do with driver behaviour.

She observed that persons have to be a bit more thoughtful on the road when operating a vehicle.

Joseph asserted that there is a big difference between operating and driving a vehicle.

“Driving requires that you are attentive to not just operating the vehicle but what is going on in your peripheral vision, looking to see who is crossing the road and  checking your mirrors ever so often,” she stated.

She lamented that there seems to be too much carelessness on the roads, with motorists speeding unnecessarily.

Joseph revealed that while the statistics with regard to road fatalities this year were less than last year, the numbers are still too high.

She said that road collisions are a source of trauma not only for the persons involved and their relatives, but for Emergency Responders as well.

Joseph said she was hoping and praying that that there are no more road fatalities for the year.

Over the Christmas holidays there were a number of serious accidents, with ten persons being hospitalized in one single incident involving a collision between a minibus and another vehicle at Mongiraud.


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