Vendors report mixed holiday sales

Vendors report mixed holiday sales

Castries vendors have reported mixed fortunes for their businesses during the holiday season.

“We have some who are saying sales have been real bad, others saying that the sales have been okay and some saying things have been good,” the President of the Vendors’ Association, Peter “Ras Ipa” Isaac told the Times.

Isaac suggested that because vendors in the Craft Market depend on cruise ship visitors for their business, they may not have been adversely affected as vendors of provisions and other items who ply their trade in the Castries Market and depend mostly on locals.


He disclosed that the vendors are looking forward with optimism to 2016 because of an increase of cruise visitor arrivals and a reported improvement in the United States economy.

Isaac asserted that the US economy was returning to its pre 9/11 growth, with a spike in spending by American citizens.

He told the Times that barring any development such as a terrorist act that would stop Americans from travelling, vendors in the Craft Market are hopeful that sales will pick up next year.

Isaac said that Saint Lucia’s other source markets for visitors are not doing as well as the US, which is this country’s main source of tourists.

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