Writers’ Forum launches first anthology

Writers’ Forum launches first anthology

The night of  29 December 2015 was ​appreciation night for the Saint Lucia Writers’ Forum

The Writers’ Forum launched its first annual Anthology called “​Opus Spectrum Vol 1: The Initiation​”

This first annual features:

* A. L. Dawn French

* Maria Dolor

* Black Crayon

* Gyanchard Rayman

* Kensley Charlemagne

It is the intention of The Forum for the annual to be published every December.

It was also a night of thank you’s as a copy of ​”​Opus Spectrum Vol 1​”​ was donated to the Central Library.

The Library is the home of the Forum;​w​ho meet there every Tuesday at 6:30pm.

​  All writers are welcome the first meeting of the new year is set for 19 January, 2016.​

​Also donated ​was ​Vol.31 in the Profile Series “2015 Laureates’ Chair” to both the Library and the Forum.  The Laureates’ Chair is another initiative of the Forum, which ​takes place every last Tuesday from 7pm at the Castries Library.

Though “Opus Spectrum Vol 1” is not available online; The “2015 Laureates’ Chair” ​is and ​can be obtained at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019CA3FIWCopies of “Opus Spectrum Vol 1: The Initiation” are available from members of the Forum for EC$20

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