First New Year Baby at V.H. is a Boy!

First New Year Baby at V.H. is a Boy!

The first baby born on New Year’s day at Victoria Hospital was an eight pound baby boy.

The yet unnamed baby was one of four who were born at the health care institution.

His mother, twenty-year old Bexon resident Zena Marshall, told the Times the boy came into the world at about 1:30AM on January 1, 2016 by traditional means.


Marshall, who disclosed that she is unemployed, already has a two year old child – another boy.

She informed the Times that she felt very happy to have another boy.

The child gave a huge yawn while his mother was being interviewed, as if to indicate that the Times interviewer had overstayed his welcome.

Then he started to act up, as if to make clear that he wanted all his mother’s attention to himself.

He need not have bothered because the interview with his mom was brief.


Wouldn’t it be ironic if he grew up to become a Journalist?


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