CDARI Head responds to marijuana mix warning

CDARI Head responds to marijuana mix warning

Doctor Marcus Day, the Director of the Saint Lucia based Caribbean Drug and Alcohol Research Institute (CDARI) which is based here, has responded to a warning issued by Victoria Hospital against smoking a mix of marijuana and tobacco.

The hospital’s Medical Director, Lisa Charles, has said that persons who engage in the practice are developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD at an extremely young age.

According to Charles, over the past 10 years she has seen an epidemic emerging with an increased number of young patients suffering.

However Doctor Marcus Day told the Times that he believes the Victoria Hospital Medical Director was “a little off” in her conclusions.

“I think the first thing that we have to remember is that whenever you have such information from a Clinician what is seen is probably the worst case scenario at the hospital,” Day asserted.

The CDARI Director explained that individuals have predispositions to lung issues, with the result that some people have more problems than others.

“So that is an issue that I think Doctor Charles did not really take into consideration,” Day told the Times.

He said he knew that the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has actually approved THC as a drug to address issues relating to COPD.

“ I think that there are a number of issues that are difficult to talk about in a sound bite but I also think that a lot of times we talk about cigarette tobacco and we don’t take into consideration the other additives that manufacturers put into the cigarette that also create a lot of problems,” the CDARI Director observed.

He also told the Times that there are a lot of studies that actually show how cannabis mitigates damage caused by tobacco.

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