Forestiere Committee takes action against crime

Forestiere Committee takes action against crime

For the past two months, Forestiere has been plagued with a number of burglaries leaving. many community members at a great loss.

The community members lost not only monetary or their personal assets but endured a loss of security in their own homes.. Because of the frequency of the break ins, in one instance 5 of them in one night, the Forestiere development committee reached out for assistance from the RSLPF.

Two officers from the CID department namely Officer Nile Trim and Officer Eldin Antoine and one from the Police Complaints Unit Sergeant Shervon Matthew agreed to meet with community members and brief them on safety tips, laws and regulations and solutions to help curb the situation that the community has been plagued with.

Last night January 6th ,2016 an emergency meeting was held at the Forestiere Methodist Combined School with the officers, community members and the development committee.

This meeting was well attended and the parliamentary Rep Hon. Guy Joseph was also in attendance. Sergeant Matthew was the facilitator for the night and he came well prepared to address the issue and also to clarify any questions or information on laws that the community members had..


He prepared handouts with tips and also brought along a printed copy of steps and solutions one should take when dealing with burglars.

After almost 3 hours of insightful and educational discussion it was agreed that a community watch team would be formed. Sergeant Matthew agreed to get some further details from successful watch groups and laise with the development committee to successfully start the watch group in the coming weeks.

Many community members agreed that the meeting was well received and the committee looks forward to working closely with RSLPF to help the community become a safer place.

(Article written by Kelly Ann Gajadhar – P.R.O of Forestiere Development Committee)

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