Minister concerned about vandalism

Minister concerned about vandalism

The Minister of Youth Development and Sports, Shawn Edward, has expressed concern about the failure of some communities to upkeep government projects in the area of sports and youth development.

Edward made the comments today while speaking during a sod turning ceremony for a half a million dollar mini pavilion and changing room at Fond Assau, Babonneau.


“There is nothing that disturbs me more as the Minister for Youth Development and Sports than when I go into communities and a few weeks or months after we have unveiled a changing room, lights or anything – a court, and then you see evidence of vandalism and garbage, “ the Minister said.

He asserted that in some communities people need to take pride in whatever project the government has executed in those areas.

Edward disclosed that by the end of the current term, youth and sports development in Babonneau  will have benefitted from the disbursement of $1.5 million from the  government’s budget.

The Minister also revealed that Fond Assau would later this year become one of the communities where lights will be turned on to facilitate sporting activities in the evening.

He said that to date, lights have been installed at sporting facilities in four communities – at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux Fort, in Anse La Raye, at the Marchand Grounds and at the La Resource Playing Field in the Mabouya Valley.

Edward explained that facilities at La Fargue in Choiseul, in Canaries, Dennery and Fond Assau will be next.

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    When you right… you right!!!
    Tell us!
    Ppl hard earned tax dollars just going down the drain.

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