Funeral Director alarmed at youth deaths !

Funeral Director alarmed at youth deaths !

Funeral Home Director, Douglas O’Brian, asserting that he is “baffled” by an increase in the death of young people, has warned that Saint Lucia is in danger of losing its young population.

“For the past three years we have realized a lot of the young people are dying from ages 45 down and most of them are those who are being shot and stabbed,” O’Brian, who is the Managing Director of the Lazarus Funeral Home, said in an exclusive interview with the Times.

He disclosed that in addition to shootings and stabbings, road collisions are also claiming the lives of young people, particularly men.

“Our young ladies will soon have two or three men to themselves,” he told the Times.

According to O’Brian, the Lazarus Funeral Home buries about fifteen people every month and has its fair share of the funeral market in the South of the Island where the business is based.

He said:

“If you look at the obituaries last year, do you know the number of young people we buried last year and the year before?”

O’Brian noted that he was quite surprised that more people are not looking at this situation.

“I am wondering if it is something in the air,” he told the Times.

In addition, O’Brian disclosed that deaths from HIV/AIDS have been reduced, while deaths from cancers are recorded on occasion.

“Aids is not a big thing anymore. I have not had an Aids victim for a while,” he recalled.

The Lazarus Funeral Home Director however disclosed that despite the number of deaths, there has never been a situation where the morgues are overcrowded.



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  1. Taiwo L Dawudu
    January 12, 2016 at 12:50 pm Reply

    Comment Good observation from you sir an nice recourd with good information an advice to the public. i think all family need to be inform how to look an control the young becouse right from school the have join gang an nothing come out of it.street gang,drug gang an cultsim. as for me let all parent try to the kind of person his walking with. this kind of awerenes an informantion is not giving to us in here, an may the lord be with you

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