UWP leader alleges sabotage in IMPACS probe

UWP leader alleges sabotage in IMPACS probe

United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Allen Chastanet, has concluded that there is an attempt to sabotage the IMPACS probe into alleged extrajudicial killings by some police officers.

Chastanet has cited a number of developments to support his conclusion.

He noted that in his address to the nation on the IMPACS report on March 8, 2015, Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony may have prejudiced the investigation.

Chastanet recalled that in reading excerpts of the report, Anthony had made several damning allegations.

He said the Prime Ministercaused Police Commissioner, Vernon Francois, to go on early retirement without determining whether Francois had done anything wrong.

In addition, the UWP leader asserted that promised resources were not provided to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), to pursue the IMPACS matter.

Chastanet also observed that in providing the DPP with a report of the investigation by Jamaican Policemen into the alleged extrajudicial killings, no evidence was presented.

He noted that the Jamaicans were supposed to have worked with the DPP’s office and not as an ad hoc committee of cabinet.

“Now when you take all those into account and that fact that Kenney is a constitutional lawyer and Prime Minister for fifteen years, I don’t think that I or anybody else is prepared to accept that he made any mistakes,” Chastanet said.

He expressed the opinion that there was an attempt to sabotage the case.

Chastanet asked:

“The question is why?”

He asked whether the Prime Minister is not aware of the consequences to Saint Lucia if confidence is not restored in the judicial system here.

The UWP leader described as “scary, worrisome and irresponsible”, the failure to appoint an Acting DPP to replace DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke who has proceeded on preretirement leave.

Charles-Clarke will officially quit the post in March this year.

Chastanet’s statements about the IMPACS probe follow expressions of concern by the European Union recently and just today, by the United States Embassy in Barbados.

The head of the EU delegation in Barbados, the British High Commissioner in Barbados and the French Ambassador in Saint Lucia are to meet with Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony on Thursday to discuss the IMPACS matter.

They diplomats have scheduled a news conference to take place after the meeting.


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