Young designer nominated for business award

Young designer nominated for business award

January, 2016 – Taribba do Nascimento, Creative Director of meme bete… Ltd, has been nominated in the Entrepreneur of the Year Category for the upcoming St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Même Bête… is a St. Lucian design company which was established in 2009 and specializes in the manufacturing of leather handbags.

Mrs do Nascimento is a 34 year old designer from St. Lucia who began designing bags 6 years ago while working in Ethiopia.

She apprenticed under a young master leather smith and has since then honed her craft.

As the face of her own brand, do Nascimento believes that fashion as a movement is gaining a stronghold in the local economy, and constantly advocates for changes to ensure that local artisans can remain competitive.

do Nascimento remains committed to both the company and the industry on a whole, understanding that both collaboration and advocacy are key to ensuring that fashion is recognized as a viable and lucrative industry in St. Lucia.

“I am thrilled to be nominated”, says do Nascimento, “this is the highest business accolade in St. Lucia and it has really motivated me to work harder”. même bête… bags are currently sold online, as well as in Barbados, Tortola, Trinidad and various boutiques around the island.

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    Please indicate where the bags can be bought locally.

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