Allen Chastanet is a natural disaster

Allen Chastanet is a natural disaster

Dear Sir:

The aristocrat Allen Chastanet and his Destructive Workers Party (DWP) is on course for a total collapse. So says his own secret scientific poll conducted by a UK firm. His ignorance is a natural disaster and de party cannot win! Oops! You mean whatever his inner circle is telling him is not the truth? Correct, he is doomed! 

Scratching his head, a DWP consultant has divulged a similar sentiment counting the natural disasters, ongoing court action and mounting legal bills de party is owing. This is going to take years to figure out! 

Where do I begin? Newcomers to DWP are basically pacified Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) throwbacks and rejects. DWP candidates for the 2016 general election are grossly unattractive and weak to excite de party’s base for a successful campaign. Contributing to this dark forecast is de party’s underperformance in opposition. So, I won’t bet a penny on deadbeat horses!

Moving along, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet has no political intelligence to understand SLP’s advertising is hurting DWP popularity and polling numbers. Kenny and Tony rum and ham gift baskets for Christmas made people forget their sorrows and dance. Yep, the fault is all his, a tourism guru who cannot gain the clout that comes with appealing to swing voters. So, caught by surprise and too “dumb” to know DWP ballot boxes are half-empty, he is in Desruisseaux kissing voters’ butts. But alas, the fragrance is not the same as up north. 

With my acquaintance with the aristocrat Allen Chastanet over the years… I feel awkward listening to him. Watching him massage his ego on a daily basis is an eyesore. His ignorance is priceless but with friends like this who needs enemies? His support previously thought to be large is nothing but a noisy bunch of rogues and mendicants. His famous “bouillon double degree” is nothing but pedigree, not kosher for sophisticated pit bulls in trousers. His favourability has no room to grow not even on fertile soil in Desruisseaux. Ah, I almost overlooked the large sums of “laundry money” and counterfeit 50 dollar bills making the rounds. 

This is embarrassing! Rather than DWP dance and prance on Kenny and Tony, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet is chewing his cud on jobs, the economy and most definitely investment bank. Ha ha, using his so-called area of expertise to write a dyslexic letter to civic organisations. Word is DWP has become paranoid the orange campaign is losing ground. The sponsored walks have produced nothing but #JeSuisChastanet… a political immigrant arousing infighting among supporters. 

Again you can count on the aristocrat Allen Chastanet to create his own natural disaster. This has encouraged more political fire among DWP foes. Ouch! So, no wonder arm chair aristocrats are upset and sick the pre-election campaign is grasping at straws on the Dr Walid Juffali matter and citizenship by investment program? Wow … sa cho, The propaganda strategy was supposed to make uneducated supporters believe DWP has friends overseas who can squeeze SLP. But Karma is a bitch. 

Loads of double standards and hypocrisy killed relationships and conspiracies. This scheme, a real bummer, was based on the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s false destiny to an entitled life on the backs of Saint Lucians. But alas this is not going to be nearly enough to revive his false sense of worth. 

The real chore worthy of the aristocrat Allen Chastanet is to get busy cleaning his DWP mess and deliver on his experience to clean septic tanks. Don’t freak out folks, he said it on a political platform in Bexon for the world to hear: “I cleaned septic tanks … and I did it with pride”! Remember that! The trouble is the strategy hasn’t changed. The backlash is predictable… Shit stinks!

I think the aristocrat Allen Chastanet has worked hard to earn the title disaster in chief but his talent as a septic tank specialist tells me he is awash in ugliness. So, I am not surprised that the Dennis Springers and street corner dreamers are stirring the boiling pot on a feel-good triumphalism campaign to sponge his image. Betting to confuse Saint Lucians’ psyche his own secret scientific poll is wrong. What a laugh! To tag these traitors, the saying goes “dumb and dumbest” are accomplices in monkey business… on the hook to experience… espoir mal papaya! 

I believe the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s overall ignorance is well placed to adore rejection and gape at the carcass of defeated DWP candidates anytime the general election is called. 

Tori Fatal

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  1. Carl
    January 14, 2016 at 10:39 am Reply

    Does Stlucia times know Tori Fatal is? I guess it serves Pete’s agenda. good luck Stlucia times

  2. Anonymous
    January 14, 2016 at 3:50 pm Reply

    Tori Fatal are the feds, siblings who keeps trying to discredit chastnet and UWP. Not a word on the state of St. Lucia. Tori Fatal We will not be confused. Chastnet and the UWP all the way

  3. Anonymous
    January 15, 2016 at 5:43 am Reply

    Uwp and their attempt to feed off the ignorance of st.lucians , keep you’ll leadah!!!

  4. Anonymous
    June 7, 2016 at 5:10 pm Reply

    Lick your wounds , Karma is great ; St lucians have chosen the trusted party

  5. Anonymous
    June 7, 2016 at 5:14 pm Reply

    Tori Fatel, what a nasty , horrible jealous , prejudice character you are, the people of St Lucia took no notice of your insults, is that your type of politics. Whow!!!!

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