Mary: Labour Department cannot force meeting

Mary: Labour Department cannot force meeting

Former President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), Mary Isaac, has declared that the Labour Department cannot force the union to hold an extra ordinary general meeting.

Isaac spoke against the backdrop of a letter from the Labour Commissioner, directing the CSA to convene the gathering.

It was the second such intervention by the Labour Department.

“I do not know that the Labour Department can force any union to hold a meeting or to do any such thing,” Isaac, who is the United Workers Party candidate for Castries South said.

The former CSA President observed that unions are guided by their own collective agreements and constitutions.

“I think they are trying to work with the Labour Department but the Labour Department must understand that it cannot dictate legislation or constitution or rules and regulation for the trade union,” Isaac said.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 14, 2016 at 3:30 pm Reply

    Mary Isaac, stop commenting about things you know nothing about.Please do a little more reading;you are supposed to be in possession of a masters degree in something. Had you taken the time to do a little research you would have realised that the parties to this dispute agreed,in the presence of the Labour Commissioner,for the convening of that meeting.And you want to represent St. Lucians in the House of Parliarment smh@u.

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