New UWP Senator promises to apply pressure where due

New UWP Senator promises to apply pressure where due

New United Workers Party (UWP) Senator, Dominic Fedee, attending his first session of the senate today, promised reporters to apply pressure where due.

He said he would not merely be an “obstructionist”, but would cooperate where necessary in the best interest of this country.

“I am looking forward to dialogue in the spirit of collaboration,” Fedee, whom the UWP had endorsed as its candidate to contest the Anse La Raye Canaries seat, said.

According to him, not because individuals sit on opposite sides of the political aisle means that there must be excessive political rancor.

In this regard Fedee disclosed that he was “very impressed” by the good example of the two major political parties in regard to the Citizenship by Investment Programme, (CIP).

He recalled that in the main, the UWP and the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), agreed on the CIP.

Nevertheless he noted that apart from that, the legislation and the manner in which parliamentarians on both sides conducted themselves “wasn’t too bad” and constituted was a good example to set to bring the country together.

Fedee observed that the issue did not stir up the excessive rancor that sometimes characterizes local politics.





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  1. Edward Smith
    January 14, 2016 at 4:20 pm Reply

    St Lucians,

    As an outsider and having contact/dialogue/discussions, I can truly say that St Lucia has an advocate and a champion for all people of St. Lucia, in the person of Dominic Fedee!

    Well done and do well Dominic!

    Dr Smith, FFA
    Turks and Caicos Islands

  2. Margaret Lubrin Aoki
    January 14, 2016 at 8:21 pm Reply

    I’m here doing some research on Dominic Fedee and came across this article. I must confess, this piece grabbed my attention; my research continues…

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