PM blasts Guy Joseph over diabetes statement

PM blasts Guy Joseph over diabetes statement

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony says he could not believe that Guy Joseph, Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East, would say that he sees “no benefit” to conducting research on diabetes in Saint Lucia.

According to Dr. Anthony,

“Guy Joseph’s comments in the media yesterday were misguided and unsubstantiated, but not surprising. His failure to recognise that diabetes is the single most pressing health issue in our country is just another indication that he is more interested in point-scoring, rather than serving his constituents and the citizens of Saint Lucia. We were not surprised by his opposition to large-scale investment into researching and preventing diabetes, a critical condition which affects the lives of more than 10,200 people in Saint Lucia and costs our health service millions of dollars a year. Nearly every family in Saint Lucia has someone who has been struck down by diabetes.”

Dr. Anthony added,

“Guy Joseph has succeeded in engaging in yet another bout of opportunistic mud-slinging, which seems to be his and his party’s main objective – instead of creating meaningful policies to improve the lives of the Saint Lucian people.

“We, the Saint Lucia Labour Party Government, are determined to serve the people – and fighting back against diabetes, through the creation of a ground-breaking new research centre in Saint Lucia will be a vital tool in doing so.”

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