Police stray bullet hits building

Police stray bullet hits building

A stray bullet from a police officer’s handgun pierced the glass front of a building opposite Police headquarters yesterday.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon as the officer was in the process of arresting a suspect.

One round was discharged, hitting the building that houses Western Union, DHL and the Customs Department.

The Times was reliably informed that the officer who discharged the round, a Constable, is attached to Central Police station.


The suspect was subsequently arrested.

Earlier this week, there was another stray bullet incident at Point Seraphine in which a police firearm was discharged.

Speaking about that incident yesterday, National Security Minister, Victor La Corbiniere, told reporters that he had had a discussion with the Acting Commissioner of Police, Errol Alexander about the matter.

“I do not want to prejudge the issue, but I called in the Commissioner on this and said clearly we are dealing with an area that has a lot of traffic involving both tourists and locals, and we have to be very mindful and ensure that the protocols that we have for the use of firearms are clearly followed,” La Corbiniere said.

The Minister disclosed that he had received assurances from Alexander that an internal investigation had commenced into the Pointe Seraphine incident.

The Times had been reliably informed that in connection with the latest incident yesterday afternoon where a bullet hole was left in the glass of the building, the Police have undertaken to replace the glass.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 16, 2016 at 7:39 pm Reply

    Get it your facts right ,this never took place in the afternoon,and if it was the press officer who gave you this information,he is wrong,he should also investigate before he give out information

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