General Secretary says democracy alive in SLP

General Secretary says democracy alive in SLP

The General Secretary of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Leo Clarke, has asserted that democracy is alive in the party, although no one currently wants to challenge Doctor Kenny Anthony for the party’s top leadership position.

“We are quite happy with Doctor Anthony,” Clarke told the Times in response to questions about democracy in the party.

Said he:

“What is democracy in the SLP, that we are not challenging Doctor Anthony? That is a decision that the delegates of the party must make. That is a decision that other persons who are aspiring for the leadership of the party must make.”

Clarke recalled that Anthony had taken the SLP to three of four election victories starting with a 16-1 win, and had brought the party back from defeat in 2006 with a victory in 2011.

According to him, Anthony had managed the business of Saint Lucia in a sound manner and placed Saint Lucia back on a path of growth.

The SLP General Secretary noted that democracy in the party was evident in Claudius Francis prevailing over Tedburt Theobalds for the position of Chairman of the SLP, upon the retirement of Julian Hunte to make way for a younger person.

“That is democracy, but it is orderly democracy,” Clarke declared.

He expressed the opinion that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) wants to justify the disharmony within its ranks by asserting that it is democracy.

However the SLP General Secretary asserted that the goings on in the UWP do not represent democracy.

“That is Allen Chastanet’s high handedness affecting an organization and creating havoc,” Clarke declared.









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