International marketers for CIP

International marketers for CIP

The Citizenship by Investment Board has contracted two internationally renowned Marketing Agents to market Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) globally.

Arton Capital’s global operations are spread in over 15 offices around the world and have helped attract over US $2.7 billion foreign direct investment to countries.

Arton Capital is a member of the Arton Group, which comprises of fully licensed international banking, financial advisory and investment consulting entities tailored to the needs of global citizens.

CS Global Partners is an industry-leading legal consultancy firm specialising in citizenship and residence solutions. CS Global liaises between governments wishing to promote foreign investments into their countries, and individuals wanting to secure their future and become global citizens through intelligent economic citizenship.

Saint Lucia has taken the unique approach of licencing more than one marketing agent.

This allows CIP Saint Lucia to leverage the strengths of each agent. Consequently, Arton Capital has been given the exclusive rights to market in the Middle East and North Africa while CS Global has exclusive rights for the Far East and Asia.

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  1. Modeste Downes
    January 20, 2016 at 9:54 am Reply

    Here we go again. Who are these agencies? I’m not sure if the inadequacy/paucity of details is a government failure or should I call on St. Lucia Times News. While I propose to do some research of my own, in light of outstanding and current issues, such as the Jufalli affair, shouldn’t the public be given a more detailed account of these agencies?

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