SLP General Secretary: Crime not election issue

SLP General Secretary: Crime not election issue

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) General Secretary, Leo Clarke, has asserted that he does not see crime as an election issue, but as a social problem.

“I see it as a social problem that we have to grapple with and work together to resolve,” Clarke said.

The SLP General Secretary disclosed that there is no doubt in his mind, based on discussion within the SLP, that crime remains a major concern.

“We have come to a situation where we have to work together to correct it,” he said.

The SLP General Secretary spoke against the backdrop of three homicides being recorded so far for 2016.

He said in response to questions posed to him that any action that political parties can take to minimize violence in the country whether at election time or otherwise ought to be implemented.

According to Clarke, if there are signs that violence is connected to the campaign, every political party has a responsibility to ensure that it works to bring that to a halt.

Just recently National Security Minister, Victor La Corbiniere, had made it clear that law and order will be maintained as Saint Lucia awaits general elections.

La Corbiniere made the comments while criticizing United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Allen Chastanet, for having been part of an unruly crowd outside parliament and doing nothing to calm them down.

He warned Chastanet that if the UWP leader encourages a breakdown of law and order he will be held accountable.

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