Education Minister chides the media

Education Minister chides the media

Education Minister, Robert Lewis, asserting that Saint Lucians do not read enough, has taken the local media to task.

Lewis, who is the MP for Castries South, announced last night that he would not be running in the next elections.

However he said on MBC Television that apparently people are of the opinion that a politician cannot walk away from politics of his own free will.

“They give all kinds of stories as to why Robert Lewis is not running elections,” he told Clinton Reynolds, the host of the programme – Current Affairs.

According to the Education Minister, Saint Lucians are a people who like to speculate.

“We don’t like to read. It is clear in this country that we don’t like to read. We don’t like to sit down and pay attention. We prefer to the gossip on every show. We prefer speculating even when the facts are in front of us,” the Castries South MP declared.

“All of us are guilty of it I think,” he asserted.

He expressed the view that the media should not just take stories from the mouths of politicians, but do some research and juxtapose what parliamentarians on opposite sides are saying.

“Mr. Chastanet for example comes out and he just begins to speak and they just carry everything he says but why would they sometimes edit what a Minister says? That is why I like live shows. Nobody can edit me,” Lewis declared.

He said that he was not “sexy” enough, so when he says something it is not carried in the media.

“They chop off what I say and they put in what they want,” the Castries South MP lamented.

He disclosed that that was the reason why he sometimes does not like to grant media interviews.

Lewis said he resented how people have portrayed certain things he has said.

“If you carry what I say, put it in context,” he asserted.




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