Kirk Elliott helps open New York gallery

Kirk Elliott helps open New York gallery

Well known St Lucia photographer Kirk Elliott recently returned from assisting internationally acclaimed documentary film maker and photographer Barbara Pyle with the opening of her New York City West Village photo gallery.

Pyle, who is also the co-creator of the Captain Planet and the Planeteers animated television series recently published a book of photographs commemorating the 40th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s 1975 Born to Run tour.

She then launched carmine galleries to showcase photographs from the book and this launch was the reason Elliott got invited to New York.

In 2014 Pyle needed to find a local photographer with technical expertise in not just photography, but more importantly in the testing and calibration of cameras and lenses to ensure that they worked perfectly together.

“My photo assistant in Atlanta shipped my cameras down to me without packing them properly.” explained Pyle. “I needed to find the very best photographer in St. Lucia and when I saw Kirk Elliott’s photography listed as an exclusive Signature Tour at Sugar Beach Resort within the UNESCO World Heritage site in Soufriere I instantly knew he would have the unique skills I needed.”

Elliott did not disappoint. After solving the complex problems Pyle informed Elliott that she was giving him total responsibility for her digital asset management.

At the time Pyle was working on the manuscript for her Springsteen book and Elliott suddenly found himself integrally involved in the production

. “One day I would be helping Barbara select pictures for the book, next day communicating with her publisher in the United Kingdom, or her lab in the United States, or whatever else needed to be done.” said Elliott.

When it came time to open the New York gallery to promote prints from the book Elliott recounts receiving a call from Barbara in which she said “Kirk you are the only one who knows the photographs and how to hang them properly.”


Shortly thereafter Elliott was off to New York and in the middle of a ‘Big Apple’ photo gallery opening.

As St Lucia continues to establish its presence as an important player in the digital arena Elliott opines that “local purveyors of goods and services must strive to be within the top 5% internationally in the delivery of excellence as a guaranteed route to meaningful economic benefit to their businesses specifically and to St Lucia’s broader economic growth in general.”

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