Law enforcers concerned about knife crimes

Law enforcers concerned about knife crimes

Law enforcers have expressed concern about a proliferation of crimes involving the use of knives and cutlasses.

The latest incident involved an attack on a Soufriere man last evening that resulted in his hospitalization.

Police report that thirty-six year old Stephen Melius was chopped to the left side of the head during an attack by four assailants.

The attack was apparently linked to a land dispute.

Melius is reported to be in critical condition at Victoria Hospital.

A Police official told the Times that the resort to knives and cutlasses to settle disputes may be because possession of such instruments do not carry the severe penalties as possession of a firearm.

According to the official, knives and cutlasses are also easy to acquire.

The official also expressed the view that because of inefficiencies in the judicial system, including delays in court cases, some individuals prefer to take the law into their own hands.

The official noted that most times possession of such weapons do not attract any penalties.

So far this year Saint Lucia has recorded three homicides, all involving the use knives or cutlasses.



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