MASL President responds to Minister’s criticism

MASL President responds to Minister’s criticism

Media Association of Saint Lucia((MASL) President, Clinton Reynolds has told the Times that he has similar concerns to Education Minister, Doctor Robert Lewis, about the local media not doing in depth investigation.

“Sometimes we find that the stories we produce reflect what our sources say without any level of corroboration or counter argument,” Reynolds asserted.

The MASL President recalled that he has spoken about the issue in the past.

“We cannot research too much, and we should not find fault with anyone who thinks we should do more research,” Reynolds told the Times.

However he said he did not agree with Lewis when the Minister indicated that the media have misrepresented what he says.

According to Reynolds, an entire interview cannot be broadcast in a two minute television news report.

He told the Times that if Lewis feels that the essence of what he has said was not captured, he has the responsibility to take up the issue with the person who interviewed him.

“I do not think that there is any deliberate attempt on the part of media practitioners to misrepresent or misquote people or twist their words to achieve a certain agenda,” Reynolds declared.

The Minister made the comments about the local media on Tuesday during the MBC Television Programme, Current Affairs.






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