Relatives report abuse of elderly woman

Relatives report abuse of elderly woman

A report has been made to the Police by the relatives  of a seventy year old woman in the South of the Island, who say that she was being abused by her caretaker.

According to Theresa Alt, the sister of the alleged abuse victim, her sibling was being taken care of by a woman in her forties.

Alt said that when the caretaker arrangement started in 2014, everything was fine.

But she disclosed that eventually things began deteriorating to the point where her sister suffered a hip fracture and did not receive proper care.

She said her’s sister’s children in the United States were informed that their mother could do nothing for herself, and was so fed up with life that she wanted to die.

However Alt said that when she came down New York where she lives for a visit to Saint Lucia, she discovered that her sister was in effect being abused by the caretaker.

“I am older than my sister, but although she is seventy she looks like ninety-nine,”  she declared.

Alt disclosed that the caretaker was in the house owned by her sister, under an arrangement where the caretaker would occupy half of the home.

According to her, the caretaker had paid eleven thousand dollars towards the completion of payment for the property.

Alt concluded that the mistreatment of her sister may have been linked to a desire to eventually acquire the property at her death.

She disclosed that she has since removed her sister from the care of the women whom she said is in her forties, and is making plans with the women’s children to take her to the United States to live.



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