Robert Lewis bows out

Robert Lewis bows out

Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East, Dr Robert Lewis, has confirmed that he will not be contesting the next General Elections. According to Dr Lewis:

“When I entered elective politics in 2006 I had indicated an intention to serve at least two terms following which I would have undertaken an evaluation to determine my political future. That time is now.

“During my two terms as the elected representative for the constituency for Castries South, I have had nothing but the fullest support from the constituents of Castries South, the constituency group, the Saint Lucia Labour Party and my Cabinet colleagues. I feel proud and privileged to have been of service to both my constituency and my country.

“During my tenure, my constituency group has remained almost constant in its composition and has been a great source of inspiration and support. Consistent with that support it is with them that I initially dialogued about my future in elective politics. Among the matters which featured prominently in the many meetings we held was my family. And as much as I love being of service to my constituents and my country, the time taken up by active politics diminished my ability to spending time with my two young children. Indeed the older of two is now at the tertiary level and I must, along with my wife, look towards her future educational needs.

“It is with the foregoing in mind that I informed my constituency and my colleague Cabinet Ministers that I would not be contesting the upcoming General Elections. I stressed to them as I do now to the people of Saint Lucia that I am not bowing out of politics but instead simply not contesting future elections.

“I remain committed to the people who have so faithfully over the past nine years given me their unflinching support and I will continue to serve them in other ways.

“I have pledged to my Political Leader, Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony, that I am fully committed to participating in the upcoming campaign for the next General Elections to ensure that the representation for my beloved people of Castries South remains within the Saint Lucia Labour Party for it is only within that party that proper representation resides.

“I want to again thank the people of Castries South for giving me the singular honour of representing them in the House of Assembly for the past nine years.”

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