SLP official says unemployment stabilized

SLP official says unemployment stabilized

The General Secretary of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Leo Clarke, has said that the government has been able to stabilize unemployment, although some persons may want to argue about the assertion.

According to Clarke, the country is now moving into an era where it should begin to see the benefits of its Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The SLP General Secretary said he is excited about the prospect of the CIP generating new employment.

He expressed the opinion that the government would then be able to reduce the unemployment rate that it has so far stabilized.

However Clarke warned that the process could be endangered by the “reckless” statements being made by the leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Allen Chastanet.

“He knows should the CIP succeed and create jobs and investment, with the mess that is going on in the UWP he does not stand a chance, “Clarke observed.

The SLP General Secretary expressed the opinion that despite the claims by Chastanet, Saint Lucia has a better reputation in the region and internationally than it had when the UWP was in government.

“Allen Chastanet sat in a government and over five years that government had more scandal than any administration we have ever had in this country,” the SLP General Secretary declared.

He said there was no need to reference the individual cases.

“Mr. Chastanet has no legitimacy to speak about the labour party creating any situation that damages this country,” Clarke said.

As far as he was concerned, confidence has returned to Saint Lucia

“When you go out in the region or even in the wider  international community people now think of Saint Lucia as a place where there good governance,” Clarke observed.

He declared that the choice the electorate will have to make at the next elections is whether they want to go back to the situation under the UWP where every week some government minister or other breaks the law, or maintain the stable environment under the “astute management” of Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony and his team.

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