Visitor Channel recommits to community tourism

Visitor Channel recommits to community tourism

The Saint Lucia Visitor Channel continues on its outreach project with the local tourism industry stakeholders in recognition of its ten year anniversary of operation on the island.

The channel commenced operation in December 2005 and began broadcasting in January 2006.

Over the years the Visitor Channel has grown from a ninety (90) minute broadcast, dedicated to the information that only visitors would require to maximize their holiday experience, to a full service television station providing a broad range of tourism information from industry awareness, to career opportunities and travel information.

The Visitor channel evolved over the years to become the ‘mirror’ that we as Saint Lucians can utilize to judge the value of our destination and the realization of the potential that we all have by maximizing linkages and celebrating successes.

The visit with the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and the Creative industries was most important to the channel to acknowledge and celebrate the partnerships that have been effective in creating some of the dynamic tourism programs for television. The

Community Tourism promotion and the Opportunities in the Marine Industries, (L-R)Thalia Auguste, Janice Mulcare, Kendrick Williams both part sponsored by the Ministry have been significant in Joand Ferdinand, Lawrence Bain (Marketing Dir) showcasing both linkages and career opportunities.

The Visitor Channel continues to believe that we have only just began to exploit the real advantages that many Saint Lucians can achieve in the sector and we are extremely appreciative of our valuable partnerships.

The Managing Director of the channel, Mr. Andre Alexander, indicated that “We have always found willing partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism, particularly as it relates to programs that focus on community participation in the vital industry, the productions that we specialize in are uniquely qualified to bring the industry opportunities to the local market. We have always believed that the success of our industry will only be experienced with the acknowledgement of our differentiation by culture and history and the true marketing power of our heritage”.

The channel has over the past two years, has also expanded into its live online service and the commencement of partnerships outside of the region for expanding the reach and visibility of its content.

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