WATCH THE OFFICIAL TRAILER: Lambird’s Students Beg: “Please, Help Us!”

WATCH THE OFFICIAL TRAILER: Lambird’s Students Beg: “Please, Help Us!”

In February 2015, 60 students from Nepal fell victim to human trafficking and money laundering in St. Lucia. Almost a year later, these students are still on island struggling to survive.

A recently released movie trailer can be viewed below:

The video contains the following caption:

“Lambirds Academy presented itself as a specialized Academy from the United States offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to young students in Nepal to escape the shambles of poverty and to pursue their dreams of a better future.

They took out personal loans, mortgaged their homes and even borrowed money from loan sharks, risking it all in hopes of stepping closer to that dream.

However, their destiny did not land them in the United States, but displaced them on a tiny island in the Caribbean: Saint Lucia. Upon arrival, they discovered the Academy was a scam, and their dreams disappeared along with their money.

It has been one year and these students are still stranded in St. Lucia. Their passports have been seized and have been unable to work, and therefore unable to pay back their debts. Everyday their lives are endangered as their debts accumulate and they are left without any help or justice. Furthermore, many are now homeless after the Earthquake that devastated Kathmandu. They have nothing left but a small glimmer of hope.”

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    that s why ppl never help ppl again… ungrateful cows. which country wud accommodate ur’ll like that… is now i wsa sending back to their country without impunity.

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