New York shut down by mammoth blizzard

New York shut down by mammoth blizzard

All non-essential travel has been banned in New York, transport suspended and bridges shut as the city is hit by one of its worst snowstorms.

Parts of the eastern United States have received 40in (102cm) of snowfall in a huge blizzard that is sweeping across the region.

Travel restrictions in New York came into place at 14:30 (19:30 GMT).

Mayor Bill de Blasio said up to 25in snow may fall, making it one of the five worst winter storms in the city.

Heavy snow began falling on Friday across more than 20 states, affecting some 85 million people.

At least 13 people have died and emergencies have been declared in 11 states.

Tens of thousands of homes are without power and traffic jams lasting more than 12 hours were reported in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.


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