PM urges nationals to have faith in CIP

PM urges nationals to have faith in CIP

Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony urged nationals to have the faith and confidence that Saint Lucia can deliver the best managed and most respected Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) programme in this region and indeed, the world.

In his New Year’s address to the nation, Anthony disclosed that offering nationals of other countries an opportunity to share Saint Lucian citizenship, was a difficult decision to make.

However he assured persons who have anxieties about the CIP, that this country has designed the most transparent, robust, and structured programme.

He said this would ensure that issues of credibility and integrity are well protected.

Anthony cited a number of reasons for introducing the CIP.

He mentioned among them the persistent decline in foreign direct investment caused by the world financial crisis and the mounting challenge to raise money for development.

“I know that some of you are still opposed; others are uncertain and harbour doubts. Some worry about the need to protect our patrimony. Rest assured that I understand your concerns and fears. After all, I too was a non-believer in the necessity and viability of such programmes, “the Prime Minister asserted.

Anthony disclosed that whilst his administration spent the last four years stabilising and restoring Saint Lucia’s economic foundation, the CIP will provide impetus to the recovering economy to “take off” in the coming months.

“Since commencing on January 1st, we have received tremendous interest from potential applicants wishing to become new citizens of Saint Lucia,” he revealed.

Anthony said he is excited by the progress in the Citizenship by Investment Programme and its prospects for the future.

The Prime Minister urged:

“Believe in Saint Lucia and believe in our abilities as a people!”


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