NWU:  Saint Lucia may become too hot to handle

NWU: Saint Lucia may become too hot to handle

The National Workers Union (NWU) has said that health and safety issues at the Treasury are an abomination.

The union has also warned that this country could become too hot to handle if workers issues are ignored.

The NWU gave the warning in a January 26, 2016 letter to Labour Minister, Doctor Robert Lewis.

The letter observed that under the Minister’s watch the Department of Labour continues to plunge downward at an alarming rate without any rescue in sight.

According to the NWU, it has been monitoring the issues of occupational health and safety at the Treasury.

The union described the situation at the Treasury, where workers downed tools in protest, as a bad example.

“The Government of Saint Lucia is the largest employer on island and as a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO) the Government as an employer must adhere to conventions, principles, practice and laws,” the letter asserted.

According to the letter, what is also astounding is that Government employs an Occupational Safety and Health Consultant within a Unit in the Department of Labour.

It noted that the officer carried out an investigation at the Treasury and presented a report to the authorities.

“I have been reliably informed that this exercise was undertaken and completed months ago, submitted to the authorities and as workers expressed their disgust no remedial action was taken,” NWU President, Tyrone Maynard who signed the letter noted.

Maynard warned that Saint Lucia continues to ignore the saying that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

“Instead of being proactive we refuse to get rid of the 1950s fire-fighting industrial relations strategy and continue to place blame on workers for where we are at this moment,” he said.

According to the NWU President, this position cannot be supported by his union.

“Should we selfishly look after ourselves and forget to assist workers to move up the ladder, Saint Lucia could easily become too hot for us to handle,” he said in the letter that was copied to, among others, the Labour Commissioner  and the Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Employers Federation

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