Concerned CSA members locked out

Concerned CSA members locked out

Concerned members of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), gathered on the grounds of the union headquarters in Sans Soucis for a meeting this afternoon.

The group, calling itself the Save Our Union Team, accused the CSA executive of acting in a cowardly manner in locking up the building and fleeing.

“That is our building, it belongs to members,” one of the concerned CSA members, Oliver Lawrence, told the Times.

Another member, Lilia  Auguste, said she was aware that the working hours of the CSA are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and from 9:am to 4:30 pm on Fridays.


However it was claimed that the staff left the building shortly after three O’ clock.

Another member of the Save Our Union Team told the Times that the group would have preferred to meet inside the building.


Despite their inability to meet inside, the members gathered outside to discuss several matters affecting the Island’s largest trade union, including what Auguste said was a group insurance plan that is due for renewal this month.

Auguste also disclosed that members discussed the misuse of the CSA’s finances and issues of “unconstitutionality.”

Organizers estimated that the group eventually numbered some seventy-five individuals who met into the dark of the evening and concluded their meeting shortly before 7:pm.

Despite a mandate from the labor commissioner encouraging the CSA executive accede to a 500 signature petition by members requesting an extra ordinary general meeting, the union leadership has been adamant that the order violates the CSA’s constitution.

Earlier CSA President, Cletus Cyril and General Secretary, Wilfred Pierre had told a news conference that they were aware of plans by the dissident members to meet in the CSA auditorium.


But they told the news conference that such a meeting had not been scheduled by the CSA executive.

They told the news conference that it was an attempt to divert the union’s attention from dealing with problems affecting members.

“Every time we seek to take government to task on a matter facing our members, we are attacked by the Save the Union Group,” the CSA President said.

However the Save Our Union Team has asserted that its members will pursue all legal options to resolve the issues it has with the current CSA executive.

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