Gender Rights Advocate condemns violence

Gender Rights Advocate condemns violence

Human and Gender Rights Advocate, Felicia Browne, has condemned community violence.

Browne says such violence occurs between individuals who are unrelated and may or may not know each other,

According to her, the violence generally takes place outside the home and is recognized as a major social problem.

She observed that that perpetrators of community violence are known to attack their victims in public spaces.

Browne says such attacks are designed not only to bring about physical harm, but also to publicly humiliate the victim.

“The video which has been posted online should draw concerns as perpetrators are using social media to further humiliate and bully their victims,” she stated.

She asserted that violence depicted on social media and posted by individuals and the media, reveals a need for educational and intervention programs on conflict resolution and peace education.

“The attack warrants our personal reflection on how we can easily dismiss a victim if he or she is unknown to us,” Browne said.

She added:

“We must strive to counter the easy option of thinking that this is none of our business.”

The Human and Gender Rights Advocate warned that although the direct victims of community violence are obvious, indirect victims are far more numerous.

“They are affected because they are: bystanders, witnesses or familiar with victims, or are cognizant of or anxious about the potential for violence,” she explained.

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