LPM leader: The PM is tired and out of ideas

LPM leader: The PM is tired and out of ideas

Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) leader, Therold Prudent, is hoping that the people of Saint Lucia will give Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony the boot at the next elections.

Prudent told the Times that Anthony has been in politics for twenty years, while being at the helm of government for fifteen years.

However he asserted that the Prime Minister has consistently been blaming others for the current state of the country.

“Kenny Anthony is tired and has no more ideas,” the LMP leader said.

He added:

“If a man is tired then the best thing to do is to send him home, and I am hoping that in this coming election the people will speak loud and clear and send Kenny Anthony into retirement.”

Prudent blasted the Prime Minister’s recent address to the nation, in which he gave a fairly upbeat assessment of the performance of the national economy.

He asserted that the government has created “token” employment, much of which is only temporary, while Anthony boasts of making strides when he had promised better days and no one is seeing that.

Prudent told the Times that he was disappointed in Anthony’s address.

He said he clarity about the foreign lawyers whom the Prime Minister said were engaged to represent this country in discussions with the US State Department on the IMPACS case.

According to Prudent, Washington has clearly indicated what it wants to see Saint Lucia do on the issue.

“They said to us we need to appoint a DPP and a Deputy, give them the resources to do the job, clean up our judicial system and restructure the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force,” Prudent said.

According to the LPM leader, since 2012 the labour government has been hiring foreign lawyers to deal with the Grynberg matter and more recently, to set up the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

But he lamented that the cost to taxpayers has not been made public.




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