Mary Francis wants clarity on IMPACS from PM

Mary Francis wants clarity on IMPACS from PM

Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, wants Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony to clear the air on the role of Washington lawyers in this country’s discussions with US officials on the IMPACS case.

Anthony announced during an address to the nation this week, that the government here had “engaged” the lawyers.

“I am a little bit confused about the whole situation in this sordid affair because I don’t know why the team of lawyers is being engaged and who is going to foot the bill,” Francis, who is an Attorney at Law told the Times.

She said she feels that there is too much secrecy about the matter.

The outspoken Human Rights Activist told the Times that the Prime Minister need to do a better job of bringing closure to the IMPACS case.

Francis said:

“Why should outside persons know everything and Saint Lucians who elected the government to carry out the rule of law not be told directly what is happening?”

Francis asserted that by now, Saint Lucians should know some of the details of the IMPACS report.

“Sons and daughters of Saint Lucia should be calling for a different approach to this whole thing to bring it to closure,” she declared.

The Attorney at Law revealed that her main concern is for justice for the relatives of the twelve men who were killed by the Police.

The IMPACS report compiled by a team of Jamaican investigators probing allegations of extra judicial killings by local law enforcers, made reference to a “death list” and indicated that police officers planted evidence on suspects to justify the use of deadly force.

Francis wanted to know whether the United States was assisting with financing the Washington lawyers who were engaged by the Saint Lucia government.

She also questioned why Attorneys from the Caribbean were not hired.

Francis said that while the help of the United States in putting pressure on the government here to bring closure to the IMPACS case is appreciated, there was need for the Prime Minister to be more transparent and accountable.

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  1. Fed Up
    January 27, 2016 at 5:11 pm Reply

    Right on Mary. And the Kenny Anthony song and dance continues. Everything for these guys is a secret, you can’t get anything out of them unless you drill it out like a dentist extracting a tooth. If you tell Kenny that it’s raining he will reply that the sea is wet; an absolutely meaningless response.

  2. Curious
    January 27, 2016 at 11:52 pm Reply

    I too am confused. First you had St. Lucian inquests. Second Jamaican investigators. Third the DPP to proceed with a report from the investigators. Fourth the DPP sas the report is meaningless. Fifth Kenny and La Corbs says the evidence is there but was not yet sent to DPP. Sixth Kenny says he will strengthen the DPP’s office to proceed with eIMPACS report. Now seventh Kenny says he is going to USA to hire ateam of lawyers not to deal with the report or advance the case but to lobby the american government.

    This thing is musical chairs and ring a ring a roses

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