NCA President welcomes Consumer Protection bill

NCA President welcomes Consumer Protection bill

The President of the National Consumers Association (NCA), Trevor Albert, has welcomed the fact that a new consumer protection bill went through all its stages in parliament.

Albert noted that although the bill has

Trevor Albert President NCA observed that although the process has taken some time, consumers can now have confidence in the law.

Albert asserted that the situation will no longer exist whereby local consumers will be quoted United Nations guidelines on their rights.

“We now have domestic law that they can use to seek redress,” he explained.

This bill is very important because consumers have rights and if their rights are not protected it means that they will be taken advantage of,” the NCA President declared.

He disclosed that with the passage of the bill the NCA has many plans, one of which is to take the bill to the communities to explain what it contains.

“We have applied to Consumers International of which we are a member and what they do every year is that they assign monies to about six countries which can show  them that they can come up with a project that will assist consumers in their day to day affairs,” the NCA President said.

Albert recalled that the NCA made an application in March last year, and expects to succeed in obtaining funds from the international body for the planned education campaign on the new consumer protection bill.

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