Alvina Reynolds: St Jude will open this year

Alvina Reynolds: St Jude will open this year

Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds, declaring that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) cares about the health of citizens, last night gave the assurance that St Jude Hospital must open this year.

Reynolds was addressing an SLP public meeting in Dennery village.


She told party supporters that the current administration cares about the health of the people.

She recalled that it was the labour party in government that had repaired the Dennery hospital after it was damaged by hurricane Tomas.

Reynolds said:

“What did the UWP do for Dennery Hospital? Nothing! It took the SLP to get back into office and spend over two million EC dollars to fix and open the hospital.”

She declared that the hospital now has new facilities and services.

Reynolds recalled that when the SLP came into power, the Castries Health Centre was in disrepair, but has now been fixed.

She told SLP supporters  that there were also new facilities at the Entrepot Health Centre and new health centres in communities incliuding Babonneau and  Ti Rocher Micoud, while another is planned for Anse La Raye

The Babonneau MP spoke of a programme for child abuse in Gros Islet and extended hours at the Gros Islet polyclinic.

She also recalled that a suicide hotline has been inaugurated.

In addition, Reynolds told party supporters that under the labour administration, there was an initiative that gave free medicine and social support to people living with HIV and Aids.

According to the Health Minister, the United Workers Party scrapped the programme when it came into government, but the SLP reinstated it when the party returned to office.

She said that there were increased deaths among people living with HIV and Aids because the support had been removed.

Reynolds pointed to Universal Health Care, noting that it began under the Labour party.

She declared that the new national hospital will be open very soon.

The Health Minister added that the government was moving to assist persons suffering with diabetes and noted that the opposition was making a big fuss about Doctor Walid Juffali.

“They are talking all over the place because there is a chance for you the people of Saint Lucia who are suffering, to get some training for nurses, research to understand what we are doing, better screening and how to improve, to have a registry for diabetes, this is the plan,”  Alvina Reynolds said.

With reference to St Jude hospital, Reynolds acknowledged not being satisfied with where the authorities are at present but declared that the facility must open this year.

“St Jude Hospital has to open; we are pushing it with the new board,” she asserted.

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