Henry says he’s the man for Castries South East

Henry says he’s the man for Castries South East

Joachim Henry who resigned recently as head of the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF), has declared that he is the man for Castries South East.

“The poor people need a man like Joachim Henry because I have worked with the yellow poor and the red poor and let me tell you, poor has no colour,” Henry told a political meeting of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party Thursday night in Dennery village.

He said that he had a track record of stretching limited resources and had worked with many Prime Ministers and different administrations.

According to the former SSDF boss, it was by God’s purpose that he had been called to lead Castries South East to a better day.

“I present to you a representative who cares about your situation and has ideas for bringing relief; one who can deliver,” he said.

In outlining his plans for the constituency, Henry spoke of the need to address flooding in Bexon and advocate on behalf of the less fortunate.

He also declared that he would, as an elected MP, establish the first mobile office to be able to be available to his constituents.

Henry lashed out at “dirty politics”, saying that persons who engaged in it become dirty themselves.

“As a politician I will not engage in dirty politics. As a believer in God I want to conduct myself in a way that is pleasing to God. As a father of three children I want to set an example for them and other children who are dear to me,” he explained.

Henry will be seeking to defeat incumbent MP Guy Joseph at the next general elections.





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