UWP leader challenges PM on Jadia’s salary !

UWP leader challenges PM on Jadia’s salary !

United Workers Paty (UWP) leader, Allen Chastanet, has challenged Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony on the issue of Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel’s salary.

Emmanuel recently resigned as Press Secretary to the Prime Minister to take up duties as the Communications Director of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“I heard Kenny Anthony say that the money to pay for Jadia came from business people. So I want to ask the Prime Minister which business people are paying Jadia’s salary?” Chastanet told UWP supporters last night in Gros Islet.


The UWP leader asked whether they were the same business people who gave Anthony “true value” when they presented a Prado vehicle to him.

He also asked:

“Or is it the same business people that have to get an ambassadorship to protect their millions of dollars? Who are these business people?”

According to Chastanet, Anthony had declared that the business people who were paying Emmanuel’s salary were individuals who did not want to see the UWP leader or his father, businessman Michael Chastanet, in charge of Saint Lucia.

“That is not good enough. If you have started it, say it all. Say who the business people are and what they want from you,” he told the Prime Minister.












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