Appeal to unverified voters

Appeal to unverified voters

Unverified voters are being urged by the Civic and Voter Education Coordinator, Alymphia Lionel, to visit the Electoral Department with their concerns.

“What we want those persons to do is to come in with their ID card concerns and we would rectify any problems,” Lionel told the Times.

She disclosed that the department has already published a list of unverified electors in the newspapers.

However Lionel explained that the list has to be published more than once to give electors time to have their concerns addressed.


“That exercise is important because we would need those persons to come so we can publish our voters list because over the years we have had so many persons on the list and persons are saying some have deceased, “she observed.

Lionel revealed that it is the Chief Elections Officer is legally authorized to conduct that verification exercise after a general election.

She said there are instances where persons live at a different address and want to vote in another location.

“Those persons when we pass to do the verification exercise we would not pick them up.  For instance they would have their address as Central but they are living in the North, so when persons pass to verify they would pick up that those persons no longer live there,” Lionel noted.

She said that the unverified list has been published so that electors have a period of time to file claims and objections, after which the list will be published again.

“Once you are on the voters list you are entitled to vote,” Lionel explained.

At an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) meeting on Sunday in Gros Islet, Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, has signalled his intention to clarify the issue of the publication of 30,000 names that had no address, ID card number or polling stations at which they were supposed to vote.

Said Joseph:

“So am I am supposed to go through the 30,000 names? How would I know which ones they are taking out or which are on the voters list?”

He told UWP supporters that he had started scrutinizing the voters list in Castries South East.

According to Joseph, so far he has come across more than 50 people who live in the constituency, vote there and have never changed residence, but their names were not there at the last election.

“We cannot win the election if your name is not on the voters list,” he told opposition supporters.

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