UWP says: Outgoing Kenny Anthony administration bankrupt of ideas

UWP says: Outgoing Kenny Anthony administration bankrupt of ideas

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Tuesday, February 9, 2016 – It is in fact a pity that the outgoing Kenny Anthony Government is now so bankrupt of ideas! After four years in office, its only response to the grave health care problems facing our county is by attacking Allen Chastanet for putting forward solutions for more affordable and quality health care.

Like most St. Lucians, the United Workers’ Party is looking forward not backward. The Party seeks to afford every St Lucian not merely a service but their one basic human right of proper and adequate healthcare services and systems. The times call for new, innovative ideas to solving both old and new problems. This means creating novel policies based on ideas such as medical insurance, to provide the people of St. Lucia with affordable health care services and the government with a sustainable health care system.

It is our job as a government in waiting to raise and discuss these ideas with the people of St. Lucia. That is what leadership is all about. The Kenny Anthony Government should by no means criticize the efforts of Mr. Chastanet, when his government has for the past three years refused to commission the eleven (11) dialysis machines made available.

We are not interested in the demons that seem to be haunting those on the other side who have little to show after four years in office. We are committed to taking St. Lucia and all St. Lucians to a better, happier, more fulfilling place.

It’s time to get back to work as a nation and build the future that we know is within our grasp. The time to take the first step on that road to a better life will soon be here. The United Workers’ Party invites all St. Lucians to be patient for a little while longer and choose your future wisely.

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