Fedee: Women must be concerned in Juffali case

Fedee: Women must be concerned in Juffali case

Opposition Senator, Dominic Fedee, has urged local woman to take note of the way the Saint Lucia government has acted in the matter concerning Doctor Walid Juffali.

He was responding to questions from reporters about the Juffali affair.

Fedee said in response to a question from a female reporter:

“I think there’s also a moral imperative here and as a woman I think that you should be very concerned about the actions of the government.”

According to Fedee, himself a former television news reporter, the Juffali case not only has a “legalistic” element, but also a moral imperative that has to be satisfied.

“Women all over the country should take note of the treatment of his ex-wife, where the court is ruling that Juffali deliberately attempted to cheat her from what was rightly due to her from a divorce settlement,” the United Workers Party (UWP) Senator asserted.

“That certainly is disrespect and certainly it is not a good sign for women all over the world and Saint Lucia is no exception,” he declared.

Asked directly whether the government of Saint Lucia was endorsing disrespect for women by the way it has handled the Juffali matter, Fedee’s response was:

“I can’t say whether the government willingly or unwillingly has done so, but certainly the decision has not met the court standards.”

He stated that the Saint Lucia government’s actions in the Juffali matter were “shocking.”

“It undermines Saint Lucia’s international reputation further to see that a Judge in a court of law would actually rule that Doctor Juffali’s bid was spurious, inauthentic and not genuine in terms of his diplomatic immunity,”Fedee explained.

He felt that Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner to London at the time, Ernest Hilaire, should clear the air on the matter.



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