Former Minister speaks on RSLPF acting posts

Former Minister of National Security, Guy Mayers, has echoed concerns expressed by Acting Police Commissioner, Errol Alexander, about acting appointments in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Alexander has said on two occasions recently that the situation in which some ninety-five percent of senior officers are acting in their posts, creates instability and a lack of confidence among members of the force.

The Acting Police Chief just last week said during the MBC Television programme – Police Insight, that he would like to see the situation of acting appointments addressed this year.

“As former minister I share those concerns because if you have most of the hierarchy of the force acting and they are not sure what can happen with their confirmation, it certainly does not augur well for the force and for them to assert their authority in ensuring that the RSLPF works properly,” Mayers told the Times.

He added:

“This is not Hollywood, this is serious business and we obviously need to ensure that officers whom we entrust with the responsibility of keeping our country safe are put in a position that they can confidently carry out their duties.”

In addition to expressing concern about the many acting appointments in the RSLPF, Mayers also said that the force must be given the resources it deserves.

Observing that the budget for the police had been cut, the former Minister said:

“Ask the police when last they got a new vehicle, when last they got funding to do training that is required? They have to be scrounging to get things done and that certainly does not augur well for the security of our country.”


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