Travellers urged – Protect the Island from Zika

Travellers urged – Protect the Island from Zika

Local travellers are being encouraged by Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds, to help protect Saint Lucia from the Zika virus.

“Do not let your guard down,” Reynolds admonished, adding that citizens travelling to neighbouring Martinique which has recorded Zika cases, need to be vigilant.

She has advised that such persons use insect repellent and take other measures to ensure that they do not become infected by the mosquito borne virus and return to Saint Lucia with it.

“We do not need those diseases in our spaces and better still we can prevent it in doing simple things like cleaning up our  surroundings, not only where you live, but also where you recreate, lime and worship,” Reynolds asserted.

The Minister declared that the fight against Zika must be a national matter.

She told reporters this morning that she was thankful that Saint Lucia has so far not recorded any Zika cases.

“We would like that to continue,” Reynolds said.


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